Right in the centre of busy Luton, Hart Hill is an area designated as being of exceptional local interest and beauty. Today, the hillside is home to a wide variety of people from a range of backgrounds. Hart Hill is sometimes referred to as a village surrounded by a town, a description that is perhaps surprisingly accurate.

The hillside and the private estate built upon it have a long and locally significant history. Once dominated by a few large houses owned by rich and successful local businessmen, it has seen significant development over the past century.

Much of that development has added to the visual interest of the area. Some have not, and it is to protect the hillside for current and future generations that The Hart Hill Residents Association exists.

Virtually the entire hillside and the thousands of trees upon it is protected by local authority policies and local covenants but eternal vigilance against inappropriate planning applications and developments is essential.

Hart Hill is a special area, enjoyed by many and lived upon by a privileged few. After all, where else in Luton can you see gas street lamps still operating more than a hundred years after they were first installed?

Message from the Chairman

Dear Friends and Residents,

The Hart Hill Residents Association exists for the sole purpose of protecting and improving our collective home. In the past two years the association has successfully defeated numerous inappropriate planning applications, protected trees, cleaned the whole estate, strengthened security, worked to raise our profile with the police and council, defeated anti-social behaviour, re-instated allotments and worked with developers to ensure that future building projects enhance the area for the benefit of us all.

As you can see we have been busy!

All members of the residents association are voluntary. Yet it is this willingness to help out that strengthens our community and protects Hart Hill for us and for future generations.

I ask you to stand up and join in. You can do as little or as much as you like, but whatever you do, you will be amongst friends and you will play a part in this community. I promise that the rewards are considerable, so please don’t just leave it to “other people” to put in the effort. We need you too!

Our meetings are friendly and important. They concern issues that affect you, your family, and your home. Please make the effort to come along. Without your support the residents association wouldn’t exist and that would be to the detriment of everyone who calls this “village in a town” their home.

Warmest regards,

Caretaker Chairman: Paul Andrews

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